Erik Diener is an American businessman, producer and rapper from Nashua, New Hampshire. Erik currently lives in Clearwater Beach, Florida.. Starting with soccer in 1985 Erik played for Litchfield Youth Soccer League and played 7 seasons of youth soccer with Coach Carr, Coach Danielson and eventually Coach Diener. In 1989 Erik played in Litchfield NH Youth Basketball League for Coach Dogherty and played 4 seasons of youth basketball. In high school Erik played soccer and basketball for Tabernacle Christian School eventually going to Alvirne High School and began working at Merchants Rental Car as well as many other jobs. In 1997 Erik began music production and continued till present. The reason why I built this page is to show my love for sports, basketball, soccer, football, hockey, tennis any sport you can play alone or on teams it does not matter. Although Erik never got to play for any professional teams that does not take away the fact that the sports will be played professionally.